CNN host uses 9/11 as opportunity to warn US about “white nationalist terrorism”

CNN anchor John Avalon spent his Sept. 11 monologue talking about what he considers to be the most threatening group to Americans today: white nationalists.

“9/11 amnesia is naive in the extreme because terrorism is always one bad day away from being the number one issue in America,” Avalon said near the beginning of his speech.

“… but we’ve been able to forget, not just because of the passage of time but because of the success of law enforcement and intelligence services who’ve stopped so many would-be attacks that they’ve become background noise.

The anchor then highlighted some of the more famous attacks that have been stopped by law enforcement and intelligence services, which could have had death tolls near the same as the 2001 attack.

Avalon then went on to talk about “a growing threat from another form of violent extremism, white nationalist terrorism.”

Avlon than attempted to justify his comments by listing attacks perpetrated by white nationalists in recent years:

“We’ve seen the deadliest attack targeting Latinos in recent U.S. history at a Walmart in El Paso. We’ve seen an attack on a synagogue near San Diego which followed the Tree of Life attack in Pittsburgh, the largest massacre of Jewish Americans in our history,” Avlon said.

The CNN host also accused some of trying to ignore the issue for the advancement of their own political gain.

“Since 9/11, right wing terrorists have killed more people in the United States than jihadist terrorists. That’s according to ‘New America.’” Avlon said. “There are some folks for who their — for their own political purposes would like to keep the focus on only one form of political violence over another, but that would be unwise because we don’t have the luxury of choosing what threats we face.”

Written by Savannah Pointer.

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