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Democrats are losing voters’ support over impeaching Trump – New poll

Democrats are losing voters’ support over impeaching Trump – New poll

As the impeachment drama rages on in Washington D.C. and reverberates throughout the country, President Trump can claim victory in that a majority of American voters do not want him impeached and removed from office, according to Quinnipiac University polling data.

The new survey revealed that a slim majority of registered voters (51%) oppose the Democratic Party’s effort to successfully impeach the president. While 45% do support the efforts of Speaker Pelosi and her colleagues, this is the first time Trump can claim majority support on impeachment since the inquiry was officially set in motion in late September, as noted in the New York Post.

Unsurprisingly, support and/or opposition regarding impeachment is largely a party-line matter: 95% of the GOP oppose the effort and 83% of Democrats support the effort. However, as reported in the Washington Times, the best news for Trump and his supporters probably lies with the fact that they also have majority support among independents (52%).

Amid news that the House Democrats have officially launched two articles of impeachment against the president, the latest data proves to be unfortunate timing for a political party whose number one priority seems to be removing Trump from office. In addition, Quinnipiac’s survey was conducted between Dec. 4th and 9th, during which time House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler was conducting his high profile hearings.

Despite all of the recent polling data, public hearings, heated political rhetoric, hour-to-hour news coverage, and seemingly endless partisan outrage, the fact remains: Barring something unforeseen, Democrats face an uphill battle when it comes to an impeachment vote in the United States Senate. Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham has promised to conduct a quick, no-nonsense trial that minimizes any further harm to the country.

In order to ensure a speedy process, Senator Graham does not even wish to bother with subpoenaing Adam Schiff. To do so, according to Graham, would be to “participate” in something that will “destroy the country.”

Sources: Quinnipiac, New York Post, Washington Times

Written by Red Blue Divide editorial staff


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