Democrats Get Awful News Right Before Midterm Elections

Sanders Trump and Schumer

There is just a little over two weeks before the midterm elections, and the Democratic effort to create a massive blue wave just got more complicated. 

The new results from a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll which was released on Saturday reveal that the party has a 9-point lead among likely voters. But the president’s approval ratings are the best they have been at 47 percent. 

The host of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Chuck Todd, is now calling the midterms the “choose your own adventure” election.

“Is there a Democratic wave coming? We’ve got data to support that. Has a surge of post-Kavanaugh enthusiasm for Republicans turned back the Democrats’ momentum? There’s data to support that. Or could this be a typical midterm with the Democrats making just modest gains? There’s data to support that,” Todd said.

“The current data shows that the Democratic advantage has ebbed but still with a large advantage. And the GOP shows some life,” said Democratic pollster Fred Yang. He conducted the poll alongside Republican pollster Bill McInturff.

Among registered voters, a wider pool than likely voters, the Democrats only have a 7-point edge. But in September that edge was at 12. 

Fifty percent of likely voters want to see Democrats in charge of Congress, versus 41 percent for the Republicans.

Overall, 72 percent of Democrats said they have high interest in the midterm election, with 68 percent of Republicans agreeing.

Trump has increased his approval rating up three points in the last month to 47 percent. A 47 percent presidential approval rating has delivered a resounding defeat to the party occupying the White House.

President Obama had a 47 percent approval rating in advance of the 2010 midterms and the Democrats lost 63 seats in the House.

The poll surveyed 900 registered voters between Oct. 14-17 and has a plus-minus 3.3 percentage point margin of error.

Credit: NY Post