Democrats toss Joe Biden aside – “Let’s be honest…”

Recent analysis by Democratic strategist leads researchers to believe that former Vice President Joe Biden might not be the shining political star that the party needs in 2020 to run against incumbent President Donald Trump.

According to the McClatchy DC Bureau, party strategist have “bleak assessment” of Biden’s possible 2020 aspirations.

“This last election cycle, we’ve seen a whole new level of energy that has emerged through a lot of fresh faces, and the party has moved in that direction and wants to hear new ideas and different messages,” said Norm Sterzenbach, a former executive director of the Iowa Democratic Party who now works as a consultant in the state.

Jim Manley, a longtime Democratic operative added: “I’m not convinced Biden is the right way to go at this point in time.”

“The folks I’ve talked to are a little taken aback” by his potential candidacy, Manley said. “No one quite understands where it’s coming from.”

McClatchy went so far as to interview more than 30 Democratic strategists, including pollsters, opposition research experts, media consultants, ex-party officials, and communications specialist in order to assess the possible success or demise of a possible Biden campaign.

Of the 31 asked, nine agreed to speak on the record, and the others were quoted anonymously as they didn’t plan to be affiliated with a primary candidate.

According to McClatchy, the consensus was similar among all those interviewed: “The Democratic political community is more broadly and deeply pessimistic about Biden’s potential candidacy than is commonly known.”

“Among political professionals, there are deep concerns because we know the history,” said a Pennsylvania-based Democratic strategist, who was granted anonymity “We have reason to be skeptical of the hype.”

Time will tell if the Democratic Party opts for Joe Biden and his years of experience, or instead gets behind a newer, fresher face.