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Devin Nunes vows retaliation against Schiff, House Intel report via “legal action”

Devin Nunes vows retaliation against Schiff, House Intel report via “legal action”

California congressman and House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes told Fox News that he will be taking legal action following the release of his phone records in the Committee’s impeachment inquiry report.

Along with Congressman Nunes, the phone records of Fox News host Sean Hannity, Lev Parnas, journalist John Solomon, and President Trump’s lawyers Jay Sekulow and Rudy Giuliani were also included in the Committee’s 300-page report, which detailed the results of the inquiry into the Trump/Ukraine scandal. During an appearance on “Fox & Friends: Weekend,” Nunes blasted Democrats’ political position to Trump and his supporters, claiming he himself has been one of their prime targets due to his efforts to “expose corruption.”

Nunes then went on to explain he believes Democrats are still frustrated by the “lack of evidence” that was produced during the Intel Committee’s inquiry: “…Over the two weeks before Thanksgiving, I think they were embarrassed by their lack of evidence they were able to present through the hearings. So, what happened is, the Friday before Thanksgiving, this fake news story drops about me supposedly being in Vienna. And then we get back from Thanksgiving and then — lo and behold — my name along with one of my current staff people…and a former staff person, all of a sudden our civil liberties are violated because our phone records show up in this report.”

What is perhaps even more alarming about this story is that Congressman Nunes claims his phone records do not match those released in the report. “Finally, yesterday I had a change to go through all of my phone records, and I can tell you: My phone records do match what Schiff and the Democrats put in that report,” he said.

Fox News reporter Ed Henry then asked the congressman if his supposed phone correspondence with Giuliani associate Lev Parnas, as detailed in the report, was inaccurate. “It doesn’t match,” Nunes replied. He then went on to claim he only had two actual phone conversations with Giuliani between April and May, and that a woman he assumed to be Lev Parnas’ wife had attempted to call him once, but that he referred her “to the appropriate staff person.”

Nunes’ threat of legal action comes amid his current seven-figure lawsuit against CNN, in which the congressman claims the network lied when it claimed he had met with a Ukrainian lawyer in Vienna in order to procure damning information about Joe Biden.

Sources: Fox News

Written by Red Blue Divide editorial staff.


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