Donna Brazile wants Democrats to slow down on impeaching President Trump

Brazile and Barr

Donna Brazile, the Former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman, recently said that the Democrats should not dive right into impeachment proceedings against President Trump until they have all the facts.

Brazile said Wednesday on “The Story” that it is also unfair to paint the entire Democratic caucus as impeachment-hungry liberals. She instead believes that they are a diverse group with differing viewpoints on the president.

Brazile said regarding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s reticence to endorse formal impeachment proceedings, that the California Democrat is concerned about the amount of support it will receive in Congress and nationwide.

“She is absolutely correct that they don’t have the votes at this time,” she said.

“What she’s concerned about is a majority of Americans, including independents… they’re not in favor of it.

“Strategically, we should continue to do the oversight, hold the executive branch accountable, but perhaps do not go full speed ahead until all of the evidence and all of the material and all of the subpoenas have been issued.”

In the midst of Brazile’s comments, host Martha MacCallum mentioned that many Democrats in Congress indeed do support impeachment, the Fox News contributor rejected the sentiment.

“Just a few members,” she said. “I don’t like to paint the entire House Democratic caucus with one brush. This is a very diverse caucus.”

Brazile also discussed Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski’s hearing before the House Judiciary Committee. She said Democratic lawmakers did what they needed to.

“House Democrats got what they wanted out of that,” she said.

“He admitted the president ordered him to direct Attorney General Sessions to basically stop the [Russia] investigation,” she added, calling Lewandowski’s behavior “combative.”

What do you think about Donna Brazile’s comments about the Democratic effort to begin impeachments hearings against President Trump? Do you agree or disagree? We look forward to seeing your comments on the story in the section below. 

Credit: Fox News