Home Polls Double-take: Fox News’ negative Trump poll oversampled Democrats

Double-take: Fox News’ negative Trump poll oversampled Democrats

Double-take: Fox News’ negative Trump poll oversampled Democrats

It was a poll that surprised many, especially the network that was endorsing it. The poll was released last week by Fox News. The conservative news network promoted a poll that indicated most Americans favor the impeachment of President Trump. 

But now, it is being reported that the poll underrepresented Republican and independent voters, according to The Post. 

The poll stated that 51% of voters were in favor of Trump’s impeachment and removal from office, while 40% did not want him impeached.

Princeton, New Jersey pollster Braun Research conducted the survey of the American people. The research company noted 48% of its respondents were Democrats. But the actual breakdown of party-affiliation is 31% Democrat, 29% Republican and 38% independent, according to Gallup.

When a poll is weighted for party affiliation, the results would have concluded that 44.9% favored impeachment and 44.4% opposed it, according to a Post analysis has concluded.

The poll prompted this response from the president: “From the day I announced I was running for President, I have NEVER had a good @FoxNews Poll,” Trump tweeted. “Whoever their Pollster is, they suck. But @FoxNews is also much different than it used to be in the good old days. With people like Andrew Napolitano, who wanted to be a Supreme Court Justice & I turned him down (he’s been terrible ever since), Shep Smith, @donnabrazile (who gave Crooked Hillary the debate questions & got fired from @CNN), & others, @FoxNews doesn’t deliver for US anymore. It is so different than it used to be.”

“Oh well, I’m President!” he added.

Braun could not be reached for comment about the faulty numbers. 

What do you think about this new information regarding the poll released by Fox News? We look forward to seeing your thoughts on this story. Please feel free to leave your comments in the section just below this article. 

Credit: NY Post


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