Elijah Cummings gets desperate following Mueller’s testimony: “I’m begging…”

Cummings and Mueller

Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), the House Oversight Committee Chairman, implored Americans on Wednesday to “pay attention to what’s going on” after former special counsel Robert Mueller’s marathon testimony before Congress.

“I’m begging the American people to pay attention to what is going on,” Cummings said during a press conference while standing alongside other House Democratic leaders.

“Because if you want to have a democracy intact for your children and your children’s children and generations yet unborn, we have got to guard against this moment. This is our watch.”

These intense comments from Cummings came a few hours after Mueller testified before the House Judiciary Committee and the House Intelligence Committee. He spoke about his nearly two-year probe into Russian election interference and whether President Trump obstructed justice.

Mueller’s testimony, as he had said, remained within the bounds of what was stated in his 400-plus page report about his massive investigation. The former special counsel continually declined to answer questions that appeared to go beyond his report.

But Mueller did say several times that his investigation did not exonerate the president on obstruction of justice. He also dismissed Trump’s claims that the investigation was a “witch hunt” and that Russian interference was a “hoax.”

Cummings challenged American listeners not to accept Trump’s conduct, or that of Attorney General William Barr or Republican lawmakers as “normal.”

“We’re getting so used to normal to this kind of conduct by our president and by our attorney general and by our Republican colleagues, that it looks like we’re just going to accept it,” he said. “We’ll we refuse to accept it.”

“It’s not about like the president. It’s about loving democracy. It’s about loving our country.”

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Credit: The Hill