Home Politics Eric Holder’s voter “redistricting coup” is starting to make Republicans nervous

Eric Holder’s voter “redistricting coup” is starting to make Republicans nervous

Eric Holder’s voter “redistricting coup” is starting to make Republicans nervous

Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker spoke out on Tuesday saying that Republicans must push back against former Attorney General Eric Holder’s voter redistricting efforts, according to Fox News.

Holder, who is part of a National Redistricting Action Fund, has helped launch initiatives that would redistrict in favor of Democratic candidates for the 2020 election.

“Eric Holder has been at this for years. They have this whole ‘sue until blue’ mentality,” Walker told “Fox & Friends” with host Pete Hegseth. “So, even a state like North Carolina where Republicans are in charge of the Assembly and the Senate — the two Houses there — they’ve gone to court and over the years they’ve gotten involved in Supreme Court races. So now, the liberals — Eric Holder’s team — now [control] who is on the Supreme Court in North Carolina.”

“And after the federal government, the U.S. Supreme Court said they weren’t going to get involved in this,” he added. “It’s now in every one of the states.”

HOlder, however, says that he is fighting fair saying in his statement about the North Carolina maps,”For nearly a decade, the people of North Carolina have been forced to vote on manipulated electoral maps that were drawn by Republicans in the legislature to create a partisan outcome…It’s time for this era of gerrymandering in North Carolina to come to an end.”

Walker responded to that statement saying that, “The irony is if you look at the forming files of the IRS, they actually say not that they’re fighting for fair maps, they talk about giving Democrats an advantage in this. His efforts last year in 2018, even before the next census in 2020, already had an impact on 27 different House seats.”

“So, in large part because of what Eric Holder and his cronies — and he’s got a lot of support with Barack Obama … they effectively [made] Nancy Pelosi, not Kevin McCarthy, the Speaker,” Walker claimed.

Republican groups are already attempting to hold Holder off in vulnerable areas such as North Carolina, Michigan, and Ohio so that Republicans don’t start the election at a deficit.

“That’s what Holder wants. He’s not talking about redistricting in places like Maryland, where you have the third congressional district. It’s arguably the most gerrymandered district in the entire country. He’s not talking about Illinois or Massachusetts. Why? Because those places benefit Democrats,” he explained.

“Anywhere that Eric Holder’s at, we’re going to be at in the courts. We’re going to be involved in data. We’re in all 50 states,” Walker said according to Fox. “We’ve got to push back against Eric Holder.”

Written by Savannah Pointer.

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