Even Andrew McCabe’s CNN colleagues are bailing on him

Former FBI Deputy Director and current CNN Contributor Andrew McCabe is going to have to look for sympathy somewhere other than his place of business, according to a report by Fox News, which states that his co-workers are less than sympathetic about his possible charges.

McCabe gained notoriety for issues surrounding the possible obstruction of justice in late 2016 and early 2017 pertaining to the 2016 presidential election. However, the former FBI employee seems to have made more enemies at his news network as was demonstrated on Thursday after a U.S. attorney recommended that prosecutors move ahead with charges against the former FBI brass.

“The potential charges relate to Justice Department inspector general findings against the CNN pundit regarding misleading statements tied to a Hillary Clinton-related investigation. The situation has raised eyebrows across the media industry and created a headache for the liberal-leaning CNN,” Fox News reported.

Some CNN employees were reportedly in shock when the network decided to take McCabe on in late August, due to his being fired from the FBI for lying. Now that the former Justice Department official is being outed in a public way, it appears to have frustrated and confused some of his coworkers.

According to Fox News, a current CNN on-air personality told them that “it erodes our journalistic credibility to have so many highly anti-Trump, former Obama DOJ/security officials without a semblance of balance.” They used Samantha Vinograd, Jim Sciutto, Asha Rangappa, Juliette Kayyem and James Clapper as examples of such persons, adding McCabe to the list.

“It’s hard to see the justification for hiring him initially since it was publicly documented he’s, best case, a liar,” the on-air personality added. “How will CNN handle it if he’s also soon indicted?”

Red Blue Divide reported just weeks ago that McCabe was likely to be the target of an indictment for what was suspected to be widespread lying, according to interviews with those familiar with recent developments in the investigation.

Written by Savannah Pointer.

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