Extra security requested as Trump’s feud with Democratic “squad” intensifies

The Squad and Trump

The controversy over comments made by President Trump about certain members of Congress has heated up. House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie G. Thompson, D-Miss., has sought extra protection for members of Congress on Monday after President Trump’s tweets and remarks about the progressive “squad.”

Trump’s remarks were directed at four congresswomen: Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan. All these freshman politicians are American citizens and three of the four were born in the U.S.

But the president has dug in his heels and has backed down, Trump on Monday reinforced comments he had initially made a day earlier on Twitter that if lawmakers “hate our country,” they can go back to their “broken and crime-infested” countries.

“If you’re not happy in the U.S., if you’re complaining all the time, you can leave, you can leave right now,” he said.

That prompted a letter for House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving and Senate Sergeant at Arms Michael Stenger from Thompson. He argued that the Capitol Police Board should meet to “analyze the current threat environment and set thresholds for enhanced safety of Members.”

Thompson asked for a meeting within 48 hours and a classified readout of the meeting.

The letter was addressed to Stenger because he has headed the Capitol Police Board this year.

The House Homeland Security Committee Chairman said security officials should set “thresholds for enhanced security for certain targeted Members, and evaluate threat streams with law enforcement partners in Member districts. Being proactive in this instance is vital to the safety of not only these targeted Members, but all Members of Congress.”

Fox News has been told that despite Thompson’s pleas, other lawmakers have faced more serious threats than members of the squad ahead of Trump’s tweets.

Credit: Fox News