Family of Navy SEAL pleads with President Trump To Intervene

The family of a Navy Seal accused of war crimes is petitioning President Donald Trump to step in and exonerate Edward Gallagher of crimes that, they say, he did not commit.

Fox News reported that Gallagher is accused of killing an injured ISIS prisoner of war in Iraq during his 2017 deployment.

Gallagher’s brother, Sean Gallagher, spoke to “Fox & Friends” on Friday and told the show’s hosts that, “If you want to know what a real Navy SEAL is like, if you want to know what a real warrior is like, look at someone like Eddie who literally just faced down death,” Gallagher said.

“He just had a battle with ISIS and in the midst of that after defeating the enemy on the same battle he risked his life, he swears before man and God that he will do it again, that he will stand his post and defend the country.

“There are lawyers back home in the Navy that wanted to charge him for a war crime, for that,” he added. “That’s honor. That’s bravery.”

Edward Gallagher stands accused of premeditated murder and aggravated assault. He is currently jailed in a Navy brig in California awaiting trial which is set for Feb. 19.

Sean Gallagher penned an Op-Ed for Fox News in which he highlife many of the crucial points of his brother’s case, including the fact that there has been no evidence to convict Edward, but first-hand accounts, video and photographic evidence to exonerate him.

“… (For) Naval Criminal Investigative Service, statements are enough to prosecute a decorated American hero,” Sean said. “Last June, they handcuffed and detained Eddie while 15 armed agents raided his home. The only people present were his two sons, one a third-grader and the other a senior in high school. The children were marched out on the street in their underwear with assault rifles pointed in their faces.”

According to Sean, his brother has not been granted due process and has not only been removed from the Navy Seal community, which means he is not being judged by his peers but has denied repeated demands to allow the accused to face his accusers and cross-examine them.

Sean said that his brother “…is denied. Meanwhile, we believe prosecutors have threatened his friends, harassed his teammates, and doled out immunity offers in return for damning statements.”

The Seal’s brother ended his piece by imploring the president to step in and speak up for his brother, who he believes to be wrongly accused.

“Mr. President – you know more than most what it’s like to be on this side of the system, to have your character maligned by lesser men, to see injustice unfold before your eyes, and be told to trust the process. The process is broken. We need your help to fix it,” Sean Gallagher said.

“In a democracy, the greatest check on the overreach of government is the vote. Mr. President this country voted you in to check this type of corruption – to drain the swamp. Tragically, the swamp permeates even our military justice system.

“On behalf of my brother, a decorated American hero and humble patriot who has been unjustly jailed for five months awaiting trial – I ask you to intervene in this broken system. Please, review Eddie’s case, reunite him with his family, and place him back on the front lines where he belongs.”