Home Politics Federal court orders banks to fork over Trump family financial records to congress

Federal court orders banks to fork over Trump family financial records to congress

Federal court orders banks to fork over Trump family financial records to congress

President Donald Trump’s efforts to keep his financial documents confidential was met with a blow this week, according to The DailyMail, who reported that a federal appeals judges ruled bankers in possession of the documents had to turn over the records.

“The Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that both Capital One and Deutsche Bank must turn over Trump, his children’s and his company’s financial records to Congress,” the DailyMail reported.

“The three judges presiding over the appeals court case involving the president’s financial records decided not to block the congressional subpoenas for the documents.”

The decision was 2-1 with circuit judges Jon Newman, a judge appointed by former President Richard Nixon, and Peter Hall, a George W. Bush appointee, ruling against the president. Fellow bush appointee Debra Livingston dissented.

This decision came just a few weeks after a ruling from the California Supreme Court President Donald Trump will not have to disclose his tax returns in order to appear as a candidate in the state of California’s primary next spring.

The ruling was unanimous, according to The New York Post who also reported that the rule which they overthrew, was the first of it’s kind and aimed at the current president in an attempt to keep him off the ballot.

“This additional requirement … is in conflict with the Constitution’s specification of an inclusive open presidential primary ballot,” Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye wrote in the 7-0 decision. “Ultimately, it is the voters who must decide whether the refusal of a ‘recognized candidate throughout the nation or throughout California for the office of President of the United States’ to make such information available to the public will have consequences at the ballot box.”

California’s high court win came just days after a Monday temporary ruling by the Supreme Court President Donald Trump will be allowed to keep his tax returns a secret for a least a little while longer, according to The New York Post.

“The ruling came in the case of Trump v. Mazars, his longtime accounting firm, and House Democrats will have until Thursday to file a response to the order, signed by Chief Justice John Roberts,” the Post reported.

The president has been subject to multiple lawsuits that all seek access to his tax returns, all of which have thus far been unsuccessful. However, his attorneys were forced to file an emergency petition with the nation’s high court on Friday in order to fend off the most recent grab for the tax documents, along with other financial statements, being made by the House of Representatives.

Written by Savannah Pointer.

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