Home News Fmr MS-13 Member Confirms President Trump’s Theory On Migrant “Caravan”

Fmr MS-13 Member Confirms President Trump’s Theory On Migrant “Caravan”

Fmr MS-13 Member Confirms President Trump’s Theory On Migrant “Caravan”

An unnamed former MS-13 member who traveled up to Mexico in order to escape the gang confirmed to the Daily Mail that there are indeed gang members in the caravan headed for the United States.

The young man, who asked not to be named, due to his own safety concerns, said that he fled into Mexico, seeking asylum from the gang that recruited him at 16.

“I don’t agree with anything Donald Trump stands for but on this occasion the President is right,” he warned according to the Daily Mail.

“People who deny there are criminals in the caravan are being naive. MS-13 are everywhere – they contaminate everything.”

The boy, who asked to be called “Pepito” for anonymity sake, explained: “My brother is still in MS-13 and he told me they have contacts looking for people right now in the caravan.

“It’s a big deal if you try to leave. They can come after you and they can take your life for this.”

He decided to leave the gang that he was recruited into out of an orphanage after his two friends were brutally murdered, and he discovered he would suffer the same fate if he didn’t murder every member of a rival gang that he came across.

The MS-13 gang is considered the most dangerous street gang in Central America, and their migration north, sending members across the United States border, has caused suspicion that they are involved in a string of killings, many of which have been recent.

The president has declared that he will “send as many troops as necessary” to the United States southern border in order to keep out what he calls an “assault.”

“Go into the middle of the caravan. Take your cameras and search, okay?” he urged skeptical reporters Monday.

“Go into the middle and search. You’re going to find MS-13. You’re going to find Middle Eastern[ers].

“You’re going to find everything. And guess what? We’re not allowing them in our country. We want safety. We want safety.”

In the beginning, Pepito said that he made deliveries of drugs and weapons, but they began to expect more.

“They were really nice to me, they gave me money. They started to ask me to do them favors but you never really had a choice,” he explained.

“They beat people up and you had to join in. They made me drive them around with big machine guns.

“If you passed a member of Mara 18 in the street you were expected to kill them.”

Pepito said that while he decided to apply for permanent refugee status in Mexico, he knows of many former MS-13 associates that joined the caravan and moved north.

“A bunch of people from MS-13 joined the previous caravan in April,” he said. “Most of them ended up staying in Mexico. They robbed, they stole, some of them defected to other gangs.

“When I was in the detention center I heard many people talking about joining the next caravan.

“They said it was the best way to get to the US without being singled out and arrested by the police.

“I decided not to go with them because I want to try to stay in Mexico legally – but I know of at least ten people who did.”


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