Fmr secret service agent holds Dems accountable over southern border

Former Secret Service Agent and Fox News contributor Dan Bongino called out Democrats for their unyielding position on border security saying that they “don’t give a hoot about immigration” and are only in it for the win against President Donald Trump in an Op-Ed published by Fox News.

“Why do I say that?” Bongino asked. “Because they were finally making some headway on some kind of funding package to keep the government open after Friday. So what happened on Saturday? Democrats threw another monkey wrench into the machinery and are now demanding — in exchange for any wall funding — that they decrease the number of detainment beds available for people who cross into the country illegally.”

Bongino was referencing Democratic negotiators decision to use ICE’s detention capacity as a bargaining tool in border security negotiations.

“Think about that,” Bongino went on. “We plan to detain lawbreakers who broke our laws, those who came into the country illegally, and Democrats want a fewer number of detainment beds available and detainment facilities to hold these people?

“Why? Because it’s not about immigration. The Democrats are trying to propose something they know Donald Trump won’t agree to because he clearly cares about enforcing our immigration laws.”

Bongino believes that Democrats will force the government to partially shut down again and blame it on the president for the sake of political points

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Democrats don’t care. This is a pure political play,” Bongino said. “Don’t kid yourself, this was never about immigration.”

The former Secret Service agent ended by saying: “The Democrats understand they had a disastrous week last week. The party of identity politics is now knee-deep in scandals. There is a photo of one of their governors either in blackface or a Ku Klux Klan outfit. You have the Green New Deal. They’re attacking Medicare patients, hospital workers, the airline industry, farting cows.

“They desperately need to change the conversation and they need a government shutdown. — American citizens be darned.”