Fox News host undergoes organ donation to save his dying sister

Ed Henry and his sister

Ed Henry, a popular host at Fox & Friends, has disclosed in an op-ed that he will donate a portion of his liver to his dying sister so that she can “live a long and healthy life.”

Henry’s sister, Colleen, has been battling degenerative liver disease over the last few years. He announced Sunday morning that he will be taking a medical leave of absence so that he can prepare to donate a portion of his liver to Colleen on Tuesday.

Henry is also the Fox News’ chief national correspondent and joined Fox in June of 2011. He said in the emotional op-ed: “I am determined to do whatever I can to give my sister the greatest gift of all, which quite simply is life.”

He said he hopes the op-ed will spread awareness for the more than 113,000 people waiting at this time for lifesaving organs. There are roughly 13,000 that need a healthy liver. 

“I will undergo about six hours of surgery to remove that portion of my liver, and in an operating room next door Colleen will go through about eight to 10 hours of surgery to entirely remove her diseased liver and replace it with part of my liver,” he said.

In his op-ed, Henry said the liver “is an amazing organ that will then regenerate in both myself and my sister after the transplantation.

“While we know going in that nothing is for certain, if some semblance of the game plan is accomplished, we will each emerge from surgery with our own healthy liver.”

Henry said his sister was on the transplant list, but she was getting worse and needed a “quick intervention”

“Her liver was not diseased by alcohol; but family history involving the liver impacted her, while sparing me,” Henry wrote.

That’s when he boldly stepped forward to see if he was a match for his sister nearly a year ago.

“It was a secret, even to my sister for a time, because there are a lot of complicated layers to this process.

‘”If you tell your sibling you are going to do it, and then are unable to help for whatever reason, I can’t even imagine how difficult that gets,” he added.

Credit: Daily Mail