Freakshow: Avennati Goes On “The View” To Float New Theory About Hannity

Michael Avenatti, attorney for Stormy Daniels and vocal Trump critic, took a swipe at Fox News’ Sean Hannity from the guest chair on “The View.”

Avenatti claimed that Hannity had promised to allow him to be a guest on Hannity’s popular TV show, but had never made good on that promise.

When asked why he thought that was, Avanitti said, “Because I think he talks a very good game, but when it really comes down to it he doesn’t want anyone on his show to challenge him.”

According to Avenatti, he and Hannity met, and the invitation was extended in April of this year at The Hollywood Reporter’s annual “35 Most Powerful People in Media” party. Avenatti went on to address Hannity directly:

“Sean, if you’re watching, you know, let’s go, have me on your show, let’s talk about it. I think it’d be a great show,” Avenatti continued. “The ratings would be good. And I think the American people would probably learn a lot about the case and the facts.”

Joy Behar, a longtime host of “The View” and adamant “never-Trumper” made no secret of her opinion of Hannity or President Trump. She introduced Avenatti into the segment calling him “the only person Donald Trump fears more than Robert Mueller.” She also said she believes the reason Hannity had changed his mind was because he was “scared” of Avenatti.

Guest Host Ana Navarro had a different theory:

“At this point, Sean Hannity’s program is basically state-sponsored media,” she said. “We know Donald Trump watches it. We know he’s got almost unfettered access to Donald Trump. And I don’t think Donald Trump would like to see Michael Avenatti having that platform.”

Avanatti took that suggestion to heart, offering to appear with Trump attorney, Rudy Giuliani, for the sake of a balanced interview.

Behar, however, postulated that even that wouldn’t make it a “fair fight.”

“That’s kind of not a fair fight, you still have all your marbles.”

H/T: Daily Beast