Graham celebrates Trump’s historic judicial victory: “Will impact our nation for years to come”

Graham, gavel and Trump

The Trump administration had something historic to celebrate this week. The United States Senate confirmed President Trump’s 150th judicial nominee on Wednesday. This move has helped to fulfill the president’s campaign promise to “remake” the federal bench so that it has a conservative bent. 

Lindsey Graham, the Judiciary Committee Chairman, said that the number of confirmations is a “historic milestone.”

“These conservative judicial appointments will impact our nation for years to come,” the South Carolina Republican said.

There were six district court nominees who won confirmation on Wednesday. This advance brings the president’s total number of appointed judges to the lower federal courts to 105. President Trump has also appointed 43 circuit court nominees and two Supreme Court justices since taking office.

The pace of this president’s nominations has far outdone President Obama, who only saw 20 circuit court nominees and 74 district court judges confirmed during the same period of time. Former President Obama, though, like President Trump had two Supreme Court appointments within his first three years.

Liberal advocacy groups declared that the 150th judicial confirmation is alarming and they stressed the need to make judicial nominees and the courts a 2020 campaign issue.

“As of today’s confirmation votes, Trump and McConnell have confirmed 150 judges to the federal bench — a group that can overwhelmingly be described as narrow-minded and elitist, favoring corporations and the powerful over the interests of all Americans,” said Marge Baker, executive vice president of the People for the American Way.

What are your thoughts about this historic number of nominations that have been made by President Trump? Do you believe that this should be an issue in the 2020 campaign? Do you think Trump’s supporters will rally around him again because of this promise fulfilled? We look forward to seeing your comments in the section just below this article. 

Credit: Washington Times