“He was hiding under his desk most of the time” – Judge Jeanine roasts Sessions’ return to politics

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro didn’t hold back her feelings about former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has recently announced that he plans to run for a position as Senator of Alabama, again.

The Fox weekend host made her comments on Friday’s edition of ” Fox and Friends” where one of the hosts stated that, “The problem is that the president of the United States if furious with him because he recused himself from the Russia investigation and the president says ‘I had three years of hell, essentially, with this witch hunt and Jeff Sessions is responsible.’ So how is the president going to react to Jeff Sessions running for Senate?”

“You know I don’t know how, I haven’t spoken with the president about it,” Pirro replied. “But this is the only thing I’m worried about, first of all, this guy has a primary to begin with, he’s got to win the primary first.

“There are four other republican running, and you know, as I look at him, you know, he said he was the attorney general, but I don’t think anybody knows it because he was hiding under his desk most of the time, because as he just said on Tucker last night, he said, ‘I was told I should recuse myself.’”

Pirro was referencing Sessions’ interview from Thursday evening on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” where he talked about his candidacy.

The former judge turned conservative commentator went on castigating Sessions for his recusal saying, “you’re an independent thinker, you couldn’t figure it out? I mean, eric holder didn’t recuse himself, Loretta Lunch met with Bill Clinton and she didn’t recuse herself, but this guy decides he’s got to recuse himself.

Pirro was incredulous when she “read that Jeff Sessions says something like ‘I’m hoping that the president is going to warm up to me.’

“Are you kidding? First of all you’ve got to win, secondly what makes you think he should warm up to you, given your experience and the fact that you never were an attorney general.

Written by Savannah Pointer.

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