“He’s so stiff he should model caskets” – Greg Gutfeld has a laugh at Adam Schiff’s expense

Fox News hosts Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld took aim at House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff on Monday, saying that he is the “perfect target” for the ire of Republicans and President Donald Trump.

The pair made their comments during Monday’s edition of “The Five” on Fox News channel, when Gutfeld said Schiff looked like a “deer in the headlights.”

“To be honest with you, going after Schiff is a legitimate thing,” co-host Jesse Watters said. “I mean, the guy wants to run for Senate when [Sen. Diane] Feinstein retires. That’s his move. He fabricated quotes on national television. He worked with the whistleblower beforehand. The guy’s totally corrupt. He’s, no one trusts him.”

Gutfeld weighed in as well, making jokes about the committee chairman.

“Schiff is a perfect target because he seems I mean, a deer in the headlights looks at him and says, that’s a deer in the headlights,” Gutfeld said. “He’s so stiff he should model caskets.”

While he did not “fault the Democrats” for their persistent demonization of Trump, Gutfeld pointed out that it’s a normal thing for the party not in the White House to attempt to delegitimize the party that is.

“But what’s new, I think, is that for every large effort unleashed by the Democrats, there’s an equally large response. The ideal old world was it was a one-way street,” Gutfeld said. “It’s now a two-lane blacktop and the traffic is coming back harsh… because Trump isn’t going to take it.”

The Fox News hosts aren’t the only ones concerned with Schiff, however.

Rep. Debbie Lesko of Arizona called out Adam Schiff on Monday saying that he is leading a “total political hit job” on President Donald Trump.

Lesko, a Republican is co-sponsoring a bill to censure the California Democrat, said on Monday’s edition of “Your World” on Fox News that Americans have a lot to lose if Schiff is successful.

“I imagine that the Democrats are going to kill the bill to censure Adam Schiff because this whole thing is a political hit job against the president,” she said.

“Adam Schiff… has for two years said he had proof that the president colluded with Russians — that turned out to be false in the Mueller report. Then, made up… what President Trump said to the Ukrainian president, trying to deceive the American public.”

Written by Savannah Pointer.

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