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Okla. Man Steals Police Car, Streams High-Speed Chase via Facebook Live


John Martin Pinney from Tulsa county, Oklahoma, landed in jail for allegedly stealing a police cruiser on Monday evening and broadcasting the chase via Facebook Live. Police said they found four videos on Facebook documenting the 25-year-old man’s escape from pursuing deputies.

Tulsa authorities said Pinney was able to steal the vehicle because one of the officers left her keys in the car, and did not lock it during a coffee break. Pinney saw the unlocked vehicle and got inside.

The police learned the man stole the vehicle from a woman who the suspect invited in the car before driving off. The woman called 911 to say she saw a white male entering a police car and inviting her to take a ride. After she said no, he reportedly drove off. Multiple law enforcement agencies responded to the call and chased the man for up to 40 minutes. The police said the maximum speed was at times around 120 miles per hour.

But that didn’t stop Pinney from documenting and commenting on the high-speed chase via Facebook Live. He reportedly streamed the pursuit from the officer’s iPad.

 “I’m in the cop car. Where’s my sirens at? You hear my sirens? Look, check it out,”

the man said in the video.

Minutes later, he acknowledges that he cannot believe he is actually doing that. At the time, he had escaped at least five cops. Later during the pursuit, he even turned on the radio to listen to country songs and singalong. The videos include comments on various topics from the man’s previous experience in prison to his favorite songs. In one video, he stops the vehicle just to show viewers how the stolen car looks like.

In another video, he says he has been in prison before and tells how he walked to Tulsa from Missouri with just a bag of clothes. At one point, he turns on the sirens but finds officers are nearing him. When one police car went past him he told his audience that he’ll go to his dad’s.

Police said they chased him through several residential areas. At the time, children were trick-or-treating. The man allegedly resisted arrest, according to the police report. Cops also said two of their loaded guns were in the cruiser’s trunk.

Additionally, one of the videos includes the man’s motives. He said he had nothing to do except “f… read books.” In the end, officers arrested him close to the block where he lives in Collinsville. He is now locked in the Tulsa County Jail and faces nine charges including gun charges and eluding and resisting arrest.

Police sergeant Steve Stoltz said the department will use the video against the suspect in court. Stoltz added he encourages every criminal to document their crimes on the social media like Pinney did. In return, he promised a much easier apprehension and “better conviction[s].”

The department did not say whether the officer who left her keys in the car will be disciplined.

Image Source: YouTube


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