Hillary Clinton Refuses To Acknowledge Trump At Bush Funeral

Former presidential candidate and President Donald Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton, did not acknowledge the president when he exchanged pleasantries at the funeral of former president George H.W. Bush on Wednesday.

The funeral, which took place at the Washington National Cathedral was attended by dignitaries from not only the United States but around the world.

The president and first lady took their seats next to former presidents and first ladies, lined up to pay their last respects to the former president.

The former first lady who came so close to being president, however, sat stony-faced, acting as if she was unaware that the leader of the free world sat a few seats away.

Former President George W. Bush shook hands with the entire first row of current and former White House residents before taking his seat across the aisle with his family.

Vice President Mike Pence and wife Karen did, however, greet the Clintons upon their arrival, which was prior to the Trumps.

The Clinton’s connection to the Bush family has been a strong one, dating back to the 1992 presidential election when Bill Clinton ousted George H.W. Bush in his reelection campaign.

Not only was Clinton bookended by Bush presidencies, but George H.W. continued to grow his relationship with Clinton after both were out of office, according to The Daily Mail.

The pair did relief work together and counted one another friends.

Their unlikely friendship was chronicled by Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy in their book “The Presidents’ Club.”

“No relationship is quite like the bond between George H.W. Bush and the man who defeated him in 1992,” they wrote.

“Bush would go so far as to suggest more than once that he might be the father that Clinton had always lacked—a notion that the younger man did not dispute.”

President George W. Bush jokingly has called Clinton his “brother.”