Holy Crap: San Francisco Named “Doo-Doo Capital” Of America

San Francisco’s beauty has been dimmed as it has turned into a literal toilet bowl.

The city which used to be affectionately called the Golden City has a new name due to the city having become a dumping ground for bowel movements from the homeless. “Doo-Doo Capital in the US,” is what the city is now being called.

The new nickname was discovered by the apartment search service RentHop, which stated that the city had the highest amount of complaints in regards to fecal matter on the streets.

“Living in a s–tty neighborhood has a whole new meaning for San Franciscans,” RentHop states. “Unlike what we saw in Chicago and New York, the city center of San Francisco is, sadly, covered by poop, and neighborhoods away from the city center see fewer complaints (except for Golden Gate Park).”

The top cities that had the highest complaints were of waste from animals and humans were Golden Gate Park, South of Market, and the Tenderloin.

“While one would assume that lower-income neighborhoods might experience worse poop issues, that is not the case in San Francisco,” according to the website. “It seems that the poop crisis in San Francisco is unlike what we see in other cities (where you can just blame it on the cute furry little friends of ours), it reflects more so a social crisis.”

Many speculate that the reason there is a fecal waste issue in the city is due to its temperament weather which attracts the homeless population. According to the New York Post, 7,499 homeless people recorded last year, about 58 percent, or 4,353 people, were marked as unsheltered, and the other 3,146 were designated as sheltered.

The poop problem has become so bad that the city launched a program entitled the “Poop Patrol,” which is supposed to target neighborhoods looking to clean up human waste.

Mohammed Nuru, the director of the Department of Public Works told KTVU that the city would spend approximately $750,000 to search for and clean up human waste.

“So, what happens is we’re going to take one of those crews out and try to get ahead of those calls and look for these locations so that hopefully we can get less numbers of calls coming in,” he said.

H/T New York Post