House committee vote could give Mueller the upper hand

A closed-door House Intelligence Committee vote on Wednesday decided that the House would release dozens of Russia interview transcripts to Special Council Robert Mueller, including one that includes almost eight hours of interview with Donald Trump Jr., The New York Post reported.

Congressional Democrats in both houses of Congress have pointed the finger at Don Jr. as having been a witness to what they believe is collusion with the Russians to help win the 2016 presidential election.

The release of said transcripts to the Justice Department allows for the FBI to use the statements in “prosecutions for false statements, or obstruction or perjury or any other like offense,” said Intelligence chair Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) according to the New York Post.

Schiff also told reporters on Capitol Hill that, “We want to make sure the Special Counsel has full access.”

Republicans, who are now in the minority in the House of Representatives, resisted the release of the documents.

“Republicans are happy the Democrats are joining us in reiterating what the Republican-led committee already voted to do in September 2018—make all the transcripts available to the executive branch, including the Special Counsel’s office, as part of the process of publishing them for the American people to see,” the GOP members said.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has been ongoing for almost two years, without a conclusion, and the president has called on Mueller to end the investigation on multiple occasions.

Tuesday’s State of the Union address was no exception with Trump calling for an end to the “ridiculous partisan investigations,” as he called them. His requested caused Don Jr. clapped vigorously.

However, Utah Republican representative Chris Stewart didn’t buy into the narrative that the president’s oldest son had anything to worry about in the Russia investigation.

When asked about the accusation that Don Jr. lied to Congress and potentially committed a felon in the process: “I have no evidence of that,” Stewart answered