House Dems’ new strategy could render Trump’s border bill useless

Democrats on Capitol Hill are looking to put a stop to President Donald Trump’s border bill by adding their own riders that would neutralize the important parts of the bill, according to Fox News.

According to Fox News’ exclusive report, the parts of the bill that Democrats hope to amend include the law that protects illegal immigrants who sponsor child migrants, Republicans told the network.

“The actual texts of the proposals they’ve sent have contained provisions that would functionally nullify federal immigration law,” one source familiar with the negotiations told Fox News, calling the riders “very extreme and very radical.”

Trump has requested billions of dollars to address what he calls a humanitarian crisis at the border, however, Democrats have reputedly blamed the president for the very crisis that they seem loath to fund solutions for.

Republicans are particularly frustration with migrants use of children as a type of passport when entering the country, thanks to the ban on the separation of adults and children at the border.

“…children are frequently re-used by those seeking to piggyback off them to gain entry to the U.S. given restrictions on how long those with children can be detained,” Fox News reported.
“Former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said in March that ‘children are being used as pawns to get into our country.’”

“We have encountered recycling rings, where innocent young people are used multiple times to help aliens gain illegal entry,” she said. Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan testified this month that “unless you’re a single adult, it is very unlikely you’ll be repatriated.”

Democrats acknowledged to the network that there are “active discussions about a supplemental appropriations bill to address the humanitarian crisis President Trump has helped create at the border” but denied claims that such proposals would support child smuggling as “absurd.”

“Given the Trump administration’s terrible track record on immigration policy, House Democrats refuse to give President Trump a blank check and are insisting on policy provisions that protect the rights and dignity of migrants,” Evan Hollander, spokesman for Appropriations Committee Democrats, told Fox News.

“These provisions strengthen the wellbeing of children and families, and claims they would affect child smuggling are absurd and false,” he said.