Home News House Passes ObamaCare Replacement Bill!

House Passes ObamaCare Replacement Bill!

House Passes ObamaCare Replacement Bill!

In a huge win for President Trump and the Republicans, the House Republicans just barely passed their ObamaCare replacement. The replacement, an adaptation of the failed legislation six weeks ago, was won with a 217 to 213 vote.

During a celebratory Rose Garden event, President Trump promised that premiums would come down as well as deductibles. He then went on to say that the Affordable Care Act was “essentially dead.” Something many Americans have been hoping for for a while.

According to Fox News, this was the beginning stages of the law being repealed:

“The passage marked Republicans’ biggest step yet toward replacing the Obama administration’s signature domestic policy law. The bill heads next to the Senate, however, where it faces an uncertain fate.”

It’s no surprise that all the Democrats voted against the bill on the House Floor. Their reasoning said the passage would risk coverage. The republican party had 20 vote no, which would suggest the GOP would lose seats in 2018. Vice President Pence ended the win saying, “Welcome to the beginning of the end of ObamaCare.”

The shocking approval came just weeks after the first was shut down, something many didn’t think speaker of the house, Paul Ryan, could accomplish. But the GOP managed to come together enough to create a health care plan that was viable for the House.

One of the final changes that happened to the bill was that leaders added billions to assist those with pre-existing conditions afford coverage. Despite critics still believing this won’t help, it was enough to give the Republicans a swing vote…also a much needed vote for Trump’s popularity.


Credit: Fox News


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