Ilhan Omar slammed with harsh rebuke from her hometown – ‘even more disturbing…’

According to a recent editorial in the Minnesota Star Tribune, freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar is under intense scrutiny for the handling of her campaign finances, just months after she took office.

“The former state representative who won a seat in Congress last fall continues to be dogged by past missteps, this time eight violations of Minnesota campaign-finance law that will cost her nearly $3,500 in reimbursements and civil penalties,” the editorial began.

According to the Tribune’s report, the allegations against Omar were so complex that the state Campaign Finance Board spent nearly a year sorting out the case, and deposing the staff, along with Omar herself.

“The investigation was broadened in October — just a month before her election to Congress — to look more deeply into the allegations,” the report continued. “Board Executive Director Jeff Sigurdson said that between six and eight people were deposed separately.

After citing an earlier editorial from the month before Omar was elected, where they asked the then-candidate to account for her travel and other related expenses, and stated that her behavior represents what could be an illegal pattern of events.

“It is even more disturbing, therefore, to learn that among the board’s latest findings was a troubling discovery that is far beyond its jurisdiction, but worthy of greater scrutiny nevertheless,” the publication went on. “Omar, for two years running, filed joint tax returns with a man she was living with but not legally married to. Complicating matters further, she was legally married to another man at the time.

“Omar’s political rise has been marred by a series of unforced errors, including intemperate remarks and tweets earlier this year that were widely perceived as anti-Semitic. Every month seems to bring a fresh problem.”

The Tribune ended their assessment of Omar’s financial dealings with harsh criticism:

“As an elected representative for Minnesota and one of the first Muslim women and Somali refugees elected to Congress, Omar is helping to break new ground. But more is expected of her than the symbolism attached to her victory. Omar has a special obligation to be worthy of the trust so many have placed in her, including many still-new Americans who expect better.”