Home News Impeachment drama has actually worked to Trump’s advantage – Tucker Carlson

Impeachment drama has actually worked to Trump’s advantage – Tucker Carlson

Impeachment drama has actually worked to Trump’s advantage – Tucker Carlson

As Fox News host Tucker Carlson welcomed his viewers to his show last night, he said that it was supposed to be the most cheerful holiday season imaginable for the Democratic Party. He said they “fantasized about impeaching Donald Trump,” also saying they had “lurid visions of trials, convictions, the helicopter lifting off for the last time from the White House lawn to sustained applause from the press core here in Washington.”

Carlson maintained that the Democrats believed through impeachment that could make it like the 2016 never happend, “it was all a bad dream.” He said “that’s what the Democrats thought they were getting for Christmas this year.”

The popular Fox News host said that “instead of destroying Trump the impeachment has seemed to make him stronger, like Godzilla.”

Carlson said that the process they undertook in the trial wasn’t a good campaign strategy, and impeachment has fallen even among core Democratic voters. 

He cited an Emerson poll that was released last week that indicated among African American voters, just 38% support impeachment and 37% oppose it.  In the same poll among white voters, 44% support impeachment, that is among all white voters not just Democrats. 

That means the African American voters, those who are usually solid Democratic voters, tend to be more skeptical. In the party, Carlson said it is primarily white liberals who are “howling” for impeachment. The rest of the Party, “not so much.”

The Party promised their base impeachment and the press told them it was a sure thing. But that is not the case. Carlson noted that according to two polls, the president’s approval rating is rising. 

Tucker believes that if Trump can get even half the number of African American voters that the polls show oppose impeachment, he will win reelection in 2020. 

What do you think about Tucker Carlson’s view? We look forward to seeing your comments. 


Written by Rich Stevenson

Credit: Fox News


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