Home News Is Diane Feinstein Proof That We Need Term-Limits?

Is Diane Feinstein Proof That We Need Term-Limits?

Is Diane Feinstein Proof That We Need Term-Limits?

84-year-old Dianne Feinstein is once again making her way through the democratic process to represent the people of California in the United States Senate.

She began her political career almost 50 years ago, in 1970 working as a San Francisco Supervisor. From there she pivoted to become the mayor of San Francisco and has been a United States senator since 1992.

With contemporaries like Maxine Waters and Kamala Harris being some of the other high profile politicians that hail from her home state, Feinstein’s far left politics hardly seem out of place on the left coast. However, the prospect of her possibly winning yet another senatorial race has even Democrats asking if it’s time to change out the old guard.

California has the distinction of sending it’s top to candidates who receive the votes to it’s November election, regardless of party affiliation. Because of that, it appears that the general election will be hosting two Democrats.

Not only will Feinstein be in the election, but of the two duking it out for second place, there’s one Democrat, Kevin de Leon, and Republican, James Bradley. This means that if California is ready to move on from Feinstein, it might not be a Republican/Democrat issue. It might come down to new versus old.

While it might seem like a far-out prospect that someone, as ingrained in Washington politics as Dianne Feinstein, would ever be removed, some in her party have had enough with the Washington insiders bickering instead of focusing on their constituents.

Feinstein was denied an endorsement by activist within the California Democratic Party in February. They cited the fact that many of their most liberal members are getting fed up with Feinstein’s interactions with the President on issues like Immigration.

Her opponent, de Leon, took that opportunity to make the case that he would better represent the people of California and their values during the Trump era.

The people of California seem to want a senator that will get more done than just arguing with a president that they disagree with.

De Leon might just win California’s vote by putting into action Feinstein’s own mantra, “Ninety percent of leadership is the ability to communicate something people want.”

H/T: New York Post


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