Home National News Is Trump’s Staff Turning On Rudy Giuliani?

Is Trump’s Staff Turning On Rudy Giuliani?

Is Trump’s Staff Turning On Rudy Giuliani?

The White House staff seem to be keeping their distance from some of the inconsistent explanations being given by President Trump’s legal team. Trump continues to describe the Mueller investigation as a “Russia hoax.” Now Rudy Giuliani has taken the place of White House lawyer Ty Cobb and Trump’s personal attorney John Dowd. 

It was reported by “Axios” that several White House aides said the current iteration of Trump’s team has been ‘incompetent and sloppy — and the aides have no idea what Rudy Giuliani is going to say next.”

The report went on to describe a majority of the staff in Trump’s administration watch the “bizarre show like the rest of the public.”

Giuliani recently explained on Monday night that Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow comments were a “mistake.” Sekulow had claimed Trump did not dictate a statement from Air Force One issued by Donald Trump Jr. about an infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russians. But a 20-page filing by his legal team stated that Trump did, in fact, dictate it.

“You think maybe somebody could have made a mistake?” Giuliani tried to explain to CNN host Chris Cuomo. He responded saying that’s a “lot of mistakes.”

“Why Is It Always – You Think Jay Sekulow Lied?”

Giuliani shot back, “Why is it always– you think Jay Sekulow lied?” as Cuomo looked on in shock.

“Maybe he just got it wrong like I got a few things wrong at the beginning of the investigation. This is a complex investigation. First week or so, I got a few things wrong, and then it was clarified in a letter, and that’s the final position.”

Giuliani continued: “It was a mistake, I swear to God. It was a mistake, the guy made a mistake and then he corrected it.”

House Intelligence panel ranking member Adam Schiff countered: “It’s only a mistake if you consider deliberate lying to be a mistake.”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders said: “I think you all know I’m an honest person, but I’m not going to engage on matters that deal with the outside counsel. Frankly I think that my credibility is probably higher than the media’s,” she said.

Credit: Daily Mail


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