James Comey insists he doesn’t want Donald Trump impeached

Trump and Comey

James Comey, the former FBI Director, said in a TV interview on Thursday that he hopes President Trump isn’t impeached, he wants him voted out of office instead. To no one’s surprise, the president lashed back at him on twitter.

During a CNN Town Hall, Comey said “I kinda hope there isn’t an impeachment because I think it will leave us in a situation where we’re kind of off the hook.”

Comey was fired by Trump in 2017 and he branded the president as “a chronic liar” and said he should be defeated at the ballot box instead.

“We need an election where the American people stand up and say, ‘We have important differences over immigration and guns and abortion and really important issues, but we have something in common and it’s non-negotiable. Our president must reflect the values of this country,” he said.

Comey went on to say, “It sure looks that way from the report’s factual recitation” when asked by host Anderson Cooper if he believed the Mueller Report showed that Trump obstructed justice.

It wasn’t long after the CNN segment that Trump responded against the former FBI boss on twitter.

“James Comey is a disgrace to the FBI & will go down as the worst Director in its long and once proud history. He brought the FBI down, almost all Republicans & Democrats thought he should be FIRED, but the FBI will regain greatness because of the great men & women who work there!”

Comey was asked in another part of the interview if he would ever run for office. Comey said “no, never.”

“I admire good people that run for office. We need good people on both sides of the aisle running for office. It’s not my thing,” he said, adding there are other ways to contribute to the country.

Several democrats have called for Trump’s impeachment following the release of a redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on the Russia probe.

Credit: NY Post