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Jim Judd — Campaign Recap and History

Republican politician Jim Judd made his first foray into politics in 2009. That’s when he co-founded the North Bay Patriots, an organization described as “dedicated to educating the electorate.”

In 2010, Judd ran for California’s congressional seat. At the time he said that the “current representation continues the blame game, promotes an atmosphere of division, and only listens to the voices that yell the loudest.”

A Jim Judd Campaign Overview

Concern over poorly planned economic policies that cause business contractions and job losses was what pushed Judd to campaign for a California congressional seat.

Government spending, jobs, and the economy

Judd ran on an economic platform of lower taxes which, he said, would stimulate job growth through encouraging private enterprise and business growth.

According to Judd, the government must create a business-friendly environment. He proposed doing this through government research and investment credits.


Judd argued that the government needs to “protect and defend” the U.S. borders against foreign invasion.

Securing the borders would, according to Judd, strengthen national security and improve prosperity at home. It would also prevent innocent victims from being used as cheap labor and would ease pressure on overworked social service workers.

If elected, Judd promised to implement an E-verify system, establish a seasonal work visa program, and streamline the process towards becoming a legal U.S. resident.

Health coverage

Judd asserted that health insurance coverage should not be mandated. All citizens should be able to choose their own health insurance coverage, even if it meant purchasing it across state lines.

Furthermore, Judd advocated for the creation of a healthcare tax credit system for insurance purchases.

Also, Judd mentioned the need to transition into a defined government contribution system for benefits. He said that benefits should be adjusted for age, health status, and income.

Energy and environment

Judd was in favor of the U.S. becoming energy independent. He was opposed to the Cap and Trade legislation, which restricts the total levels of emissions of specific chemicals that companies produce.

He claimed that Cap and Trade legislation would “be economically devastating and unfair to America.”


A proponent of voucher and charter schools, Jim Judd maintained that education reform should start with empowering both teachers and parents to get more involved in children’s education.


Judd vowed to support legislation that would provide first-class medical care and other benefits to all servicemen, as well as the families of those killed in action.

Gun issues

A staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, Judd asserted that owning and bearing arms is a Constitutional right.

Death penalty

According to Judd, capital punishment is justifiable in some cases and should be an option in court.

Foreign policy opinions

Judd was pro Israel and supported its two-state solution proposal. He also endorsed the bi-partisan Iran sanctions bill.

What Is Judd Doing Now?

Jim Judd was unsuccessful in the 2010 elections. His primary opponent, Democrat politician Lynn Woolsey, won by a landslide. As of this date, Judd hasn’t appeared in any political campaigns since.

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