Joe Biden’s past with Bill Barr just came back to haunt him

Attorney General Bill Barr has become public enemy number one for many in the Democratic party who believe that he’s protecting President Donald Trump. But some remember when 2020 Democratic hopeful Joe Biden called him “one of the best” attorney generals.

According to a CBS News report, in 1995, after Barr’s time as AG under former President George H. W. Bush and before his time in office under the current administration, Biden was a high-ranking Senator on the Senate Judiciary Committee and Barr was being confirmed to his post as attorney general.

“As I know you know, but others should know, too, I truly enjoyed working with you when you were attorney general,” Biden told Barr, according to CBS News.

“You were one of the best I have ever worked with, and there have been a lot of attorneys general since I have been here, and I mean that sincerely.”

Biden’s comments are being brought to the surface again as the attorney general is being harshly criticized for his handling of the former special counsel, Robert Mueller’s report on the Russia investigation.

Biden called for Barr to resign, following the lead of several Capitol Hill Democrats who consider him to be the roadblock to an unredacted copy of Mueller’s report.

In fact, Democrats are so frustrated with the lack of cooperation from the Department of justice that the House Judiciary Committee recently went so far as to vote to hold Barr in contempt of Congress for “refusing to release the full, unredacted Mueller report and underlying evidence.”

“On some fronts, congressional Democrats and the Justice Department are cooperating,” CBS News reported. “But while Barr has agreed to provide more unreleased material from the Mueller report to some lawmakers, the House still plans to vote on a resolution authorizing Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, Democrat of New York, and other committee chairs to ask the courts to force the Trump administration to comply with their subpoenas.”

However, today’s comments from the former vice president are a far cry from his opinion of the current AG when he was being confirmed the first time.

During his confirmation hearing, Barr argued that the controversial abortion decision of Roe v. Wade “should be overruled” because the decision “foreclosed any kind of role for society to place regulations on abortion.”

Biden, who made no secret of his moderate views on abortion rights, said that while he didn’t agree with Barr, the then-nominee should be “complimented” for giving “the first candid answer anyone has given on Roe v. Wade that I can remember in God knows how many years.”

“Thank you for being candid with us,” Biden repeated to Barr. “We’ve become accustomed to the lack of candor, and I appreciate it very much.”