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John Podesta’s Pal at DOJ to Oversee Renewed Clinton Probe


The FBI now has a warrant to sift through over 650,000 emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Federal investigators seek evidence Hillary Clinton used a personal email server for classified communications during tenure as secretary of state.

The emails belong to Weiner’s estranged wife Huma Abedin, a close aide of Clinton at the time. On Monday, however, the Department of Justice issued a letter to Congress. According to the letter, the department would deploy “all necessary resources” to review the emails in a timely manner.

The department also said that it would continue to work closely with federal investigators to solve the case. But the only problem is assistant Attorney General Peter J. Kadzik, a close friend of Clinton campaign’s chair John Podesta signed the reassuring letter.

Podesta and Kadzik’s Relationship

Kadzik and Podesta made headlines in 2014 after the two met for dinner shortly after Clinton’s Benghazi testimony. Back then, Kadzik was Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs at DOJ.

Podesta’s top lobbyist Vincent Roberti was also present at the dinner. WikiLeaks revealed Roberti briefed Podesta in an email that he had made meeting arrangements at a Washington D.C. restaurant called Posto. The dinner took place just 11 hours after Clinton provided just as many hours of testimony to Congress.

Another leaked email shows Kadzik visited Podesta at his home months later. But in May 2015, the DOJ official’s son contacted Podesta asking for a position in Clinton’s camp. These are just a few examples of conflict of interest between Clinton’s staffers and a federal agency that should shed light on the former secretary of state’s email habits.

The leaked emails suggest Clinton camp has a cozy relationship with Obama administration. Other hacked emails show Kadzik and Podesta are close pals. The two men, however, have known each other since college. They were classmates at Georgetown Law School over three decades ago. So it is no surprise, one email from Kadzik even contains plans to celebrate his friend’s birthday.

Watchdog on Some ‘Very Partisan’ DOJ Officials

The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, a pro-transparency watchdog which keeps a close watch on Obama administration, commented on the revelations. FACT’s head Matthew Whitaker noted DOJ appointees under Obama administration are “very partisan.” So, Whitaker doesn’t think they’ll have “clean hands” in a new email probe. He noted Clinton camp already has “insider access” to the investigation.

Other sources say Attorney General Loretta Lynch had a secret meeting with former President Bill Clinton days before DOJ and FBI started probing his wife. Kadzik who started to work at DOJ in 2013 made strides to see Lynch nominated despite her secret meeting with Clinton.

What’s more, Kadzik represented his friend during the Lewinsky probe and even lobbied him on behalf of fugitive Marc Rich. Rich won a controversial last-minute pardon from President Clinton. Podesta himself confirmed the story in an email stolen from his Gmail account.

In 2008, Podesta recommended Kadzik as a “fantastic lawyer” who saved him from jail for a position in Barack Obama’s campaign.
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