Joy Behar claims Mitch McConnell “finally found his testicles”

Hosts of ABC’s “The View settled into a discussion on a favorite topic during Wednesday’s show: who was defying President Donald Trump and his policies.

After talking about the president’s trip to the U.K. where he visited heads of state and met Queen Elizabeth, Whoopi Goldberg, the group’s moderator, noted that the president was getting pushback “on this side of the pond from his own people.”

Goldberg was referencing news circulating, including some in The Washington Post, which reported that Republican lawmakers are reportedly considering the idea of blocking President Donald Trump’s tariffs on Mexico, which could prompt the Commander-in-Chief to use his executive powers to go around the legislative branch.

“Isn’t it interesting that this is the thing that got them crazy?” asked Goldberg. “Tariffs got them out of their minds!”

When self-described conservative Meghan McCain attempted to interject, Joy Behar then cut in, saying, “Mitch McConnell finally found his testicles, because it’s near his wallet!” said Behar.

Behar’s comments solicited laughter both from the audience and co-host Sunny Hostin who rang Goldberg’s bell to indicate her approval.

“Oh my god,” said McCain, shaking her head as the audience laughed on. McCain then tried to get in her opinion. “What is funny about this is, though,” began McCain, who proceeded to tell a story that was not very funny at all.

“I was with a bunch of conservatives, and we were talking about Trump. And I said, ‘Doesn’t his demeanor bother you?’” recalled McCain. “And a friend of mine goes, ‘No. But the tariffs! The tariffs!’” Next time, leave the jokes to Joy Behar.

Should they decide to intervene in the president’s tariffs plan, Congress would be attempting to remove a major bargaining chip that the president has been using to put pressure on our neighbor to the south to move on behalf of the United States on issues like massive illegal immigration.

Several lawmakers encouraged Trump to let go of his planned tariffs, which could rise as high as 25 percent if the U.S.’s demands aren’t met. According to the Post, the concern lies in the possibility that such an imposition could ruin the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement or USMCA

“I think this calls into question our ability to pass the USMCA, much less get it passed by Canada and by Mexico,” Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) told reporters Monday. “And so we need to put our heads together and try to come up with a solution.”