Home Politics Joy Behar mocks Trump marriage, says Melania “looks like she’s at a funeral…”

Joy Behar mocks Trump marriage, says Melania “looks like she’s at a funeral…”

Joy Behar mocks Trump marriage, says Melania “looks like she’s at a funeral…”

Comedian Joy Behar took a jab at President Donald and first lady Melania Trump on Monday’s edition of “The View” as the panel talked about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

During the segment when they addressed Biden’s choice to bite at his wife’s hand while Dr. Jill Biden was delivering a speech at his “No Malarkey” tour in Iowa, the comedian used it as proof that the pair were a much better couple than the Trumps.

“I thought it was silly and, like, they clearly still love each other and are playful,” Meghan McCain said, someone who, though she professes to be a Republican, has said she’s close to the Bidens.

Guest host Yvette Nicole Brown added her glowing opinion, saying, “I think it’s adorable, and it’s just kind of a reflex. You put your finger in someone’s face, they kind of go for it. It was a reflex. It was sweet.”

“They seem to like each other though, still. Melania looks like she’s at a funeral half the time,” Behar said, soliciting laughs from the audience. “Not for nothing.”

This negative assessment came just days after Behar paid Trump an unexpected compliment.

After their update on impeachment news and Thanksgiving dinner etiquette during last Wednesday’s edition of the show, Behar asked for the floor and made a shocking statement, according to Decider:

“Can I say one good thing about Trump?” she asked. “Because it’s Thanksgiving.”

Behar’s co-hosts were taken aback with Abby Huntsman asking, “Wait, what?” and Sonny Hostin asked “Really?”

“I want to say one thing,” replied Behar, her tone serious. “I read this week that he has signed a bill that makes it illegal to harm an animal. It’s a federal law,” she said, referencing the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act, a bill signed by the president on Monday.

“So, I want to give Donald Trump a shout out for doing one good thing this Thanksgiving,” continued Behar. “Happy Thanksgiving to the Trump family.”

The entire panel sat in stunned silence for a moment, but Meghan McCain was the first to recover asking, “did I die?”

“Is this purgatory? Oh my god, you said something nice about Trump.”

After applause from the audience, Behar returned to her usual flippant tone saying, “Well, you never know what you’re going to get from me. That’s the beauty,” she joked.

Written by Savannah Pointer.

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