Juan Williams is so frustrated that he’s finally flipped on Robert Mueller

Williams and Mueller

Juan Williams, a Fox News host, said on Thursday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller should not be able to exit from the spotlight and should testify before Congress. Williams also criticized President Trump for his comments directed towards the former FBI director.

Williams, a co-host of “The Five,” lashed out at the president on “The Story with Martha MacCallum” for sending mixed messages by criticizing Mueller personally while praising his work.

“Robert Mueller should have never been chosen because he wanted the FBI job and he didn’t get it and the next day he was picked as the special counsel,” Trump tweeted Thursday morning. “So you tell somebody I’m sorry you can’t have the job and then after you say that he is going to make a ruling on you that doesn’t work that way. Plus, we had a business dispute, plus his relationship with Comey was extraordinary.”

“Isn’t this ridiculous to have the president of the United States absolutely dismissing and besmirching Robert Mueller, who I think is widely respected?” Williams asked guest host Sandra Smith. “Even after he wants to tell us no collusion, no obstruction, look at the Mueller report, now he comes back and says ‘Oh that Mueller, he can’t be trusted.’ You can’t have it both ways, Mr. President. I think it really suggests this is about bullying and trying to distract people from the argument at hand.”

Williams also criticized Mueller, who reignited the impeachment debate with his press statement. He implied that he would not testify before Congress.

“Why didn’t you interview President Trump? Why didn’t you subpoena him if necessary?” Williams asked. “Why didn’t you interview Donald Trump Jr.? There are several questions that need to be asked from any political point of view, and I don’t think that Mueller has a right to simply say, ‘I’m gone, look at the report.'”

Credit: Fox News