Judge gives triple-murderer bone-chilling reckoning before dishing out life sentence

North Carolina Superior Court Judge Graham Shirley didn’t hold back while sentencing a man convicted of a triple homicide, telling the man that he would “die alone” and “forgotten” behind bars, according to The New York Post.

The murder had previously been in business with one of his victims, Sandy Mazzella, who was killed along with Mazzella’s wife, Stephenie, and 76-year-old mother, Elaine but the pair had split up their venture due to financial and other issues.

The family later accused their murder of molesting a family member, according to the Raleigh News & Observer reports.

Shirley promised the convicted killer that from this day forward, his life would be miserable: “The rest of your life in general population is far worse than the rest of your life on death row.

“You, sir, are going to be housed with the most violent criminals in this state — people who have committed murder, but not been sentenced to death, who are meaner and more violent than you,” Shirley said.

“When you lay your head on your pillow tonight and you hear that iron lock click for the first time of your first night in Central Prison, when the lights go dark, I want you to lie in your bed and think.”

“When you take your last breath, you’re doing to die alone and you’re going to die forgotten,” Shirley said.

“Get him out of my courtroom,” the judge said before asking security to escort the killer out of his courtroom.

During the trial, information was brought forward that showed that the killer had drunk six beers and then stormed into Mazzella’s house with a shotgun screaming: “Child molester? Really, Sandy?”

Sal Mazzella, Sandy’s dad, and Elaine’s husband, spoke to his wife and children’s murderer before his sentencing:

“You heard what I said,” Mazzella said in court. “I do not hate you! Through Jesus Christ, I do not hate you or your family. In you, Lord, I have chosen to forgive you.”