Judge Napolitano Predicts New Indictment From Robert Mueller

Former New Jersey superior judge and Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano said in a recent interview that he believes Donald Trump Jr, son of President Donald Trump, will be one of the next to be indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Napolitano was interviewed by Mediaite founder and ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams on his SiriusXM show on Wednesday when he was asked about the investigation.

Napolitano––who hosts the new Fox Nation program Liberty File––said that the news of Michael Flynn sentencing memo is a “huge deal” especially since Flynn has been cooperating with Mueller’s office for quite a while now.

However, when asked about who if he believes that someone in the president’s inner circle will soon be indicted, his answer was a resounding “yes,” according to Mediaite.

“I don’t know who, but I do know that Donald Jr. has told friends he expects to be indicted.”

“Do you expect he’d be indicted?” Abrams asked.

“Yes,” Napolitano answered.

Trump Jr’s lawyer, Alan Futerfas, denied the report, saying: “Don never said any such thing, and there is absolutely no truth to these rumors,” The Daily Mail reported.

There are several other top contenders, however, including the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner and Trump campaign staffer, Jerome Corsi.

Napolitano believes that Corsi is probably going to be indicted, but is less sure about Kushner, according to Mediaite.

“Napolitano told SiriusXM that he does think Jerome Corsi, the radio host, and conspiracy theorist, will also face charges related to the Russia investigation,” the Daily Mail reported.

“Corsi told Trump adviser Roger Stone about a planned Wikileaks dump of Democratic emails two months before it happened, Mueller’s investigators are reported to have found.

“Corsi is alleged to have told Stone in August 2016 that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was planning two ‘very damaging’ releases before the presidential election.”

President Trump has made his feelings on the investigation abundantly clear, tweeting about the investigation, and its leader, on a regular basis.

“Bob Mueller (who is a much different man than people think) and his out of control band of Angry Democrats, don’t want the truth, they only want lies. The truth is very bad for their mission!”

“Without the phony Russia Witch Hunt, and with all that we have accomplished in the last almost two years (Tax & Regulation Cuts, Judge’s, Military, Vets, etc.) my approval rating would be at 75% rather than the 50% just reported by Rasmussen. It’s called Presidential Harassment!”