Home News Justice Obama? – Biden suggests he would nominate Barack to the Supreme Court

Justice Obama? – Biden suggests he would nominate Barack to the Supreme Court

Justice Obama? – Biden suggests he would nominate Barack to the Supreme Court

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s “No Malarkey” presidential campaign took an interesting turn over the weekend, as reported in the Daily Mail. During a campaign event in Washington, Iowa, Biden was asked by a crown member if he would consider nominating former President Barack Obama to the Supreme Court. “If he’d take it, yes,” Biden is said to have responded.

Whether or not Joe Biden is serious or is engaging in political “malarkey” remains to be seen. However, to do so would be a historical rarity, more so even than impeachment.

William Howard Taft is the only person to have ever served as both a United States President and Supreme Court justice. Taft became the 10th chief justice of the Supreme court after being nominated by Warren Harding in 1921. Prior to that, Taft served as president from 1909 to 1913, and would fulfill his duties as chief justice for less than a decade, retiring in February of 1930 as a result of his rapidly declining health.

Biden’s somewhat puzzling remarks come as many questions continue to swirl around his campaign. Although he remains the presumptive front-runner to challenge President Trump in November 2020, Biden’s ability to run an effective national campaign, the role of his son Hunter Biden on the board of a Ukraine energy company, and whether or not Biden himself will be subpoenaed to testify during a senate impeachment trial are all factors that could complicate the presidential hopeful’s aspirations.

Biden has also come under fire for “flip-flopping” from one day to the next as to whether he will comply with a senate subpoena. As noted in the New York Post, Biden told the Des Moines Register’s editorial board over the weekend that he would not comply with a subpoena, before changing his tune the very next day, declaring before a crowd in Fairfield, Iowa: “I would obey any subpoena that was sent to me.”

As the impeachment trial looms in the U.S. Senate, we will soon find out what position Joe Biden will take regarding being subpoenaed.

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Post, New York Post

Written by Red Blue Divide editorial staff


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