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Karyn Lathan — Campaign Recap and History

Democratic politician Karyn Lathan ran for political office twice: once in 2012 and then again in 2018. In 2012 she ran for Arizona House of Representatives. In 2018, she ran for the Constable of Maricopa County.

Outside of politics, Lathan has more than 25 years of experience in law enforcement and corrections and over 10 years of experience in victim services. She is also an Air Force veteran.

A Karyn Lathan 2012 Campaign Overview

Lathan ran as a Democratic candidate for District 17 of the Arizona House of Representatives in 2012, coming in third in the general election.

In her campaign, Lathan said that she would “put the needs of the people of Arizona above all else — People before Politics.”

Women and children

Lathan opposed reduced medical coverage for women. She was adamant that making women explain to employers why they want to use contraception is not only oppressive but also violates the HIPAA privacy rule.

Additionally, Lathan argued for stricter punishment for sex offenses. She said that sex offenders shouldn’t be pardoned. If taken off the sex offender registry, these individuals would be able to pass background checks, which would potentially put vulnerable people at risk.


According to Lathan, all schools, regardless of whether they’re public or private, should test students and show their scores for standardized testing.

Public safety

In terms of public safety, Lathan asserted that guns have no place on college campuses. She said that she doesn’t believe “that this is what the Second Amendment was intended to do.”


In her campaign, Lathan was critical of Arizona legislators who, according to Lathan, declined “$80 million to help Arizona families and economy.”

Veteran issues

Lathan vowed to help make sure that “Arizona veterans are made a priority” by urging the government to invest in them and help them make a transition into civilian life.

A Karyn Lathan 2018 Campaign Overview

Karyn Lathan campaigned for the Constable of Maricopa County in 2018, saying that “it’s time for a professionally trained law enforcement officer and experienced victim advocate to hold this office.”


If elected, Lathan promised to work with the families in her community when serving eviction notices.

This she was going to do by attempting to understand what caused a family’s change in circumstances. She then swore to help mitigate “those circumstances when possible” by “ensuring all parties have an appropriate plan for the future.”

Community safety

Lathan campaigned on a platform based on helping improve outcomes for victims of domestic abuse, PTSD treatment for veterans, and raising awareness of stalking.

Animal welfare

Lathan’s animal welfare policies revolved around protecting pets from their owners being evicted and domestic abuse situations that involve pets being harmed. Lathan’s also a supporter of no-kill pet shelters.

What Is Lathan Doing Now?

Having beaten incumbent Gary Johnson in the 2018 elections, Karyn Lathan is now serving as Maricopa County Constable University Lakes District.


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