Lindsey Graham promises to be Trump’s “worst nightmare” as rift reaches tipping point

Graham and Trump

President Trump is facing rebellion among the GOP over his sudden withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria, as a House majority condemned the move. Sen. Lindsey Graham, a previous ally of the president’s, vowed to become Trump’s “worst nightmare” to protect the Kurds.

Graham, who has defended Trump in the midst of the Russia probe, lashed out at the president for abandoning Kurdish allies in Syria in an interview with the Christian Broadcast Network. Many evangelical leaders have been voicing concern about the risk to minorities including Christians in the region.

“I will do anything I can to help him, but I will also become President Trump’s worst nightmare,” Graham promised. “I will not sit along the sidelines and watch a good ally, the Kurds, be slaughtered by Turkey.”

Graham also warned: “This is a defining moment for President Trump. He needs to up his game.”

Graham’s words were not all, another intense rebuke came in the vote tally for a House resolution to oppose “the decision to end certain United States efforts to prevent Turkish military operations against Syrian Kurdish forces in Northeast Syria.”

After getting fast-tracked to the floor by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the resolution was backed by 354 lawmakers, with 60 voting against. The resolution said the Kurds fought “courageously” against the “brutality of ISIS.”

The resolution “calls on the United States to continue supporting Syrian Kurdish communities through humanitarian support, including to those displaced or otherwise affected by ongoing violence in Syria.”

It also challenges the White House to “present a clear and specific plan for the enduring defeat of ISIS.” There are fears that captured fighters will get the chance to renew territorial gains that had been wiped out.

Trump blasted Graham saying, “Lindsey Graham would like to stay in the Middle East for the next thousand years with thousands of soldiers and fighting other people’s wars. I want to get out of the Middle East. I think Lindsey should focus right now on Judiciary – like the Democrats, the do-nothing Democrats.”

“And I think Lindsey should focus on Judiciary. He ought to find out about what happened with Comey, what happened with McCabe, Lisa, what happened with Peter Strzok, what happened with President Obama, what happened with Brennan,” Trump also noted. 

“That’s what Lindsey ought to focus on. That’s what the people of South Carolina want him to focus on. The people of South Carolina don’t want us to get into a war with Turkey – a NATO member – or with Syria. Let them fight their own wars. They’ve been fighting for 1,000 years. Let them fight their own wars. The people of South Carolina want to see those troops come home. And I won an election based on that. And that’s the way it is, whether it’s good or bad. That’s the way it is.”

The president also had some words for the Kurdish fighters, calling them “no angels,” and describing them as a mercenary force.

“Syria has a relationship with the Kurds – who by the way are not angels,” Trump told reporters. “Who is an Angel? There aren’t too many around. But Syria has a relationship with the Kurds. So they’ll come in for their border. And they’ll fight,” Trump said.

“They may bring partners in, they could bring Russia in. And I say welcome to it,” Trump continued.

Credit: Daily Mail