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Lisa Page sues DOJ for ruined reputation, claims Trump left her needing therapy

Lisa Page sues DOJ for ruined reputation, claims Trump left her needing therapy

When Lisa Page first began her infamous affair with former FBI agent Peter Strzok, one can probably assume she never thought the extra-martial endeavor would eventually turn into something of a Republican Party talking-point. Nor would she have likely predicted that her text messages to Strzok would one day (allegedly) be read by reporters within the walls of the Department of Justice. And one can virtually guarantee that Page never initially contemplated that her private moments with Strzok would be referenced by the president of the United States at political rallies, on his Twitter account, and during numerous television interviews.

Here is just one such example:

Now that more than two years have passed since the Page-Strzok affair has become part of America’s political lexicon, the former FBI lawyer is suing the Department of Justice for damages incurred to her reputation and her “earning capacity,” according to a report in Fox News. She also is seeking compensation for child-care costs, data protection service, and noted that she had to undergo therapy “to cope with unwanted national media exposure and harassment” courtesy of President Trump.

The argument being made by Page and her team of lawyers is that the DOJ violated the Privacy Act. This was done, according to her attorneys, on December 12th, 2017 when a spokeswoman for then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions supposedly revealed the texts messages to reporters at the DOJ headquarters. (The DOJ had access to the text messages as part of an oversight investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email controversy). The filed complaint claims this was a “willful and intentional” act, done to “ensure” the affair and political leanings of Page and Strzok would become public.

Soon thereafter, national media outlets reported on the communication between Page and Stzrok, and news of their affair was filling headlines across the country.

As highlighted in the Daily Mail, the lawsuit suggests this leaking of information was strategic, as news of former national security advisor Michael Flynn’s guilty plea was then front and center in the media. President Trump and his allies then used news of the affair and bureaucratic bias as a means of attacking the legitimacy of the Mueller probe.

Regardless of the pending lawsuit’s outcome, the normally silent Page is no longer hiding her views from the public. She recently took to Twitter to celebrate the findings of Inspector General Michael Horowitz’ investigative conclusion:

Sources: Fox News, Daily Mail

We can certainly expect to hear more from Lisa Page in the future. In her very first post to Twitter earlier this month, with a link to her interview in The Daily Beast, page wrote: “I am done being quiet.”

Written by Red Blue Divide editorial staff.


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