Home Uncategorized “Living legend” Nancy Pelosi named “politician of the year” by Juan Williams

“Living legend” Nancy Pelosi named “politician of the year” by Juan Williams

“Living legend” Nancy Pelosi named “politician of the year” by Juan Williams

For the last nine years, The Hill contributor Juan Williams has marked the coming end of the calendar year by naming congress’ single “biggest winner” in his opinion column. This year, the choice to spotlight House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was an easy decision for the liberal commentator. In fact, he feels that such a designation does not even fully encapsulate all that the California Democrat has managed to achieve.

“The problem with giving the award to Pelosi is that she deserves recognition for more than any single year of political mastery,” Williams writes in his piece for The Hill. After noting Pelosi’s historical status as the first female house speaker, along with her willingness to confront Trump within a hostile political “sea of men,” Williams points to two primary reasons for using his column to celebrate Trump’s house rival.

Following President Trump’s 2016 victory, Williams hailed Pelosi’s ability to “protect” her Democratic colleagues who currently serve in districts that voted to “Make America Great Again.” According to Williams, Speaker Pelosi declined to proceed with the controversial impeachment push until she received confirmation that the Democrats in question were willing to assume the political risk of attempting to remove a sitting president from office.

The other reason relates to Pelosi’s communicative abilities and the way in which Williams claims she has framed the impeachment debate, providing “the map for House Democrats to tell the public that impeachment is bigger than another partisan battle.” As spearheaded by the speaker, Democrats-including Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler-have positioned themselves as merely vessels for impeachment; public servants who are supposedly fulfilling their duty to the constitution rather than engaging in a partisan political battle aimed at the 45th president of the United States.

Pelosi typified this sentiment when she solidified her stance on impeachment, saying: “The president’s actions have seriously violated the Constitution. Our democracy is what is at stake. The president leaves us no choice.”

The coming year will certainly prove whether or not Williams’ celebratory column was in fact accurate or premature. With an imminent impeachment trial looming in the US Senate, an acquittal for President Trump could have far-reaching political ramifications that could leave many Democrats second-guessing their parties strategy.

Source: The Hill

Written by Red Blue Divide editorial staff.


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