Home Politics Mayor Pete, speaking Spanish, promises healthcare to illegal immigrants

Mayor Pete, speaking Spanish, promises healthcare to illegal immigrants

Mayor Pete, speaking Spanish, promises healthcare to illegal immigrants

South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg participated in a roundtable on Sunday as part of his Democratic run for president, where he reportedly, in Spanish, promised illegal immigrants free healthcare.

The event which was supported by The Fight for $15 Action Fund and South Carolina McDonald’s workers, focused on fast-food workers who would be largely affected by such a change.

The Republican National Committee Research Team published a clip of the exchange with the translation of the South Bend Mayor’s remark.

“So the most important thing for me is that we offer the opportunity for health care to all in our country, and this includes the opportunity to buy this plan of Medicare for All who want it,” Buttigieg said, according to the RNC’s translation. “That is our solution. And this opportunity to buy this plan is for everyone regardless of their immigration status.”

RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel added her comment to the video:

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again,” McDaniel quipped. “Just because Pete Buttigieg is from Indiana doesn’t make him a moderate.

“Here he is promising to include illegal immigrants in his plan for a government takeover of health care.”

This video was released just hours after Buttigieg was blasted liberal darling Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after he voiced concern about some of the “public goods” that the freshman Democrat promotes should be offered to all.

On the issues of free college the presidential candidate said, “there are some voices saying, ‘Well that doesn’t count unless you go even further, unless it’s free even for the kids of millionaires,’ but I only want to make promises that we can keep,” Buttigieg said, according to a Politico reporter’s Tweet.

“We can gather the majority to drive those big ideas through without turning off half the country before we even get into office,” Buttigieg said.

Ocasio-Cortez, who identifies herself as a Democratic socialist from the Bronx and Queens, fired back at the South Bend Indiana mayor in a tweet saying, “This is a GOP talking point used to dismantled public systems, & it’s sad to see a Dem candidate adopt it. Let’s talk about why Republicans are wrong on this.

“Just like rich kids can attend public school, they should be able to attend tuition-free public college. Here’s why.

“Universal public systems are designed to benefit EVERYBODY! Everyone contributes & everyone enjoys. We don’t ban the rich from public schools, firefighters, or libraries bc they are public goods. Universal systems that benefit everyone are stronger bc everyone’s invested!

“When you start carving people out & adding asterisks to who can benefit from goods that should be available to all, cracks in the system develop.

“Many children of the elite want to go to private, Ivyesque schools anyway, which aren’t covered by tuition-free public college!”

“Lastly, and I can’t believe we have to remind people of this, but it’s GOOD to have classrooms (from pre-k through college!) to be socioeconomically integrated. Having students from different incomes & backgrounds in the same classroom is good for society & economic mobility.”

Written by Savannah Pointer.

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