Melania Trump shames mainstream media for ignoring the real issue

First lady Melania Trump wrapped up a three-state tour as part of her “Be Best” tour by telling the media that they should be better, during a town hall-style event in Las Vegas.

As part of her campaign, Trump has attempted to address the growing opioid epidemic, which claimed almost 48,000 lives in 2017, according to Fox News.

President Donald Trump has declared that the issue of opioids is a public health emergency, which his administration is spending billions of dollars to combat.

The first lady, however, believes that the media could be doing more in the fight against these deadly addictions.

“I think it should be on every media and the front pages of the newspaper, and I’m sure a lot of people would follow and go home and talk with the children and educate them, so they are responsible adults and they show them how drugs can be dangerous,” she said.

She went on to encourage the media to “devote as much time to the lives lost, and the potential lives that could be saved, by dedicating the same amount of coverage that you do to idle gossip or trivial stories.

“When we see breaking news on TV, or the front pages of newspapers — it is my hope that it can be about how many lives we were able to save through education and honest dialogue.”

Trump spoke about how in her own household she teachers her 12-year-old son, Barron, “how drugs are dangerous. It will mess up your head. It will mess up your body and nothing comes positive out of it.”

Along with teens and young adults who are struggling with addiction, the first lady shared her concern for babies born addicted, due to drugs they were exposed to prior to birth.

“We must do all that we can to educate young mothers on the danger of abusing drugs and encourage medical facilities to implement programs such as the maternal addiction treatment education and researched program.”