Michelle Obama calling on teachers across America in “nonpartisan” effort

Former first lady Michelle Obama is rallying teachers behind her initiative to get younger voters involved in the politics of today.

Obama made a video, in cooperation with her group, “When We All Vote,” in hopes of encouraging teachers to advocate for their students registering to vote.

“No matter what career, your students they’re certain to be our next generation of citizens who will shape the course of our communities and our country…” Obama said during her promotional video.

“Last year I launched When We All Vote, a nonpartisan get-out-the-vote effort to help make sure everyone makes their voice heard loud and clear,” Obama said.

“In November, our country saw historic voter turnout, and that’s progress we should celebrate,” she continued, before calling that number still “far too low.”

“Only 1 in 3 of our youngest voters cast a ballot. That means two-thirds of these young people aren’t showing up,” Obama said. “It’s up to us to flip that script, to show young people how crucial their voices are.”

The former first lady then went on to conjecture as to why young people might not be involved in politics, saying, “Maybe they don’t understand the issues well enough maybe they don’t see how their vote will make a difference, or maybe they just don’t think their voices matter.

“Whatever the reason, it’s up to us to flip that script to show young people how crucial their voices are and how just a few votes can be decisive on issues that matter to them and their community,” Obama said.

“Obviously, we shouldn’t be telling them how to vote or who to vote for, we just want them to vote, period, to take that first step. Toward making voting a lifelong habit.

“So I’m asking you to join me in helping make sure every eligible student is eligible and ready to vote when the time comes.

Obama ended her comments encouraging teachers to instill their students with the importance of voting: “I hope you’ll join us because this is bigger than one party or one election, it’s about empowering the next generation to make their mark on our future.”