Mike Huckabee hints at would could be next for Sarah Sanders

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee was interviewed on America’s Newsroom on Friday and asked what he thought of his daughter, outgoing White House Press Secretary Sarah (Huckabee) Sanders, time in office, and what she might do after her departure.

“She’s definitely a warrior, she’s a great kid, I’m very proud of her. I’m proud of all of my children, her two brothers as well, but she served admirably, and she served loyally and faithfully.

“I’ll tell you, let me pay tribute to President Trump. He has treated her with the highest level of dignity and respect and kindness. She is incredibly loyal to him and indeed grateful for the experience of a lifetime. And just last week I was going through and getting some Chick-fil-A and she was dining with Queen Elizabeth and then the next day having lunch with price Charles.

“What a life she’s been able to enjoy and she loves this president, will always be grateful for the way that she treated him and for the extraordinary experience that she’s been able to have.

When asked what her plans could be after leaving the West Wing, the former Arkansas governor was clear that while he didn’t know, he would be encouraging her to follow President Donald Trump’s recommendation and run for political office.

“Well, not only do I not know, she doesn’t know either. She’s really wanting to have some time to kind of decompress spend some time with her kids and just enjoy part of the summer away from all of it, and then she’ll start looking at the future.

“She has not made any specific plans. I don’t know if she’ll run for office, but I tell you if she does, she’ll be a great candidate and a terrify officeholder, whatever it might be. I would encourage her. We’ll see.”