Mitch McConnell brought to tears on Senate floor

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell broke down on the Senate floor on Thursday as he offered a tribute to departing Deputy Chief of Staff Don Stewart. The Senate leader offered a very personal and touching recollection of one of his aides who has been working for the Senator for 12 years, according to McConnell’s comments.

“So, for more than 12 years, I entrusted Stu with my words, and my goals and my reputation, and he’s never let me down,” McConnell said.

“He never lagged, he never slowed. Our watchdog never lost a step, totally trustworthy, completely reliable, unbelievably competent, the greatest luxury a leader could have.”

According to Roll Call, who wrote about what Stewart’s next steps will be, the longtime Senate aide has become a fixture in Washington for more than two decades.

Stewart is expected to move on from working for the Kentucky Republican sometime near the end of March and take a position at the Association of Global Automakers on March 25.

“I am excited to join such a vibrant, innovative, and globally competitive industry, particularly one focused on increasing jobs and opportunities across our country,” Stewart said in a statement.

“I look forward to expanding and integrating Global Automakers engagement in Washington and across the country.”

When the news of his departure spread, there was a great deal of love and support shown for the Capitol Hill staffer from both current and former colleagues.

General Election global public affairs director Tara DiJulio, who previously worked as communications director for former Sens. Dan Coats and Bob Corker before moving to the private sector was quick to congratulate Stewart:

“What some may not know about @StewSays is that he never turned down a mentoring coffee. And my 20-something y/o self always will appreciate that. Thank you, Stew,” DiJulio said. “Congrats on one hell of a run in the Senate. Cheers to your next chapter!”