Home News Mitch McConnell shuts down house Dems: ‘Parade of horribe’

Mitch McConnell shuts down house Dems: ‘Parade of horribe’

Mitch McConnell shuts down house Dems: ‘Parade of horribe’

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell held a press conference to announce that he would not allow a vote on election reform bill HR1, and he called the bill currently being debated in the House a “turkey” and a “parade of horrible,” according to The Daily Caller.

According to Politico, was asked why the House electoral reform bill wasn’t slated to reach the Senate floor and the majority leader answered simply: “Because I get to decide what we vote on.”

“What is the problem we’re trying to solve here?” McConnell asked. “People are flooding to the polls.”

“The legislation contains a series of voting reforms Democrats have long pushed for, including automatic voter registration, expansion of early voting, endorsement of D.C. statehood and a requirement that independent commissions oversee House redistricting. In addition, the bill requires ‘dark money” groups to disclose donors,” Politico reported.

Democrats have argued that this legislation would help fend off corruption in the form of money in politics and make it easier for some to vote, however, Republicans believe the bill constitutes federal overreach.

“If the federal government begins to give lots of direction, is the federal government going to give lots of money?” Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri said. “If the federal government give lots of money, the federal government always gives lots of control.”

House Republicans also objected to the bill and castigated their democratic counterparts of rushing the bill through their house of Congress.


According to Rodney Davis of Illinois, the top Republican of the House Administration Committee, the Bill should have been reviewed by several committees before it went to the floor of the House, but it was not allowed to.

“This bill is being pushed on us,” Rodney said, according to Politico. “What this bill is, is a Democrat push to elect more Democrats.”


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